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For many years now, I’ve been truly overwhelmed by the number of people asking me to be their business mentor. Well, I couldn’t be more excited to share that I now can be! If you truly want to grow your business and change your life, I can help you get there.

I am here to show others how I was able to not only start a business and sell a business for $1 Billion dollars on my terms, but also build a multi-family real estate portfolio of over $700 million dollars. If you’re ready to put in the work, and you truly mean that, I’m ready to get started!

It’s time to become the master of your life. Stop wasting precious moments and start celebrating the rewards that come with hard-fought success, both professionally and personally. The Non-Refundable Minutes™ mentorship program will undoubtedly teach you how to remove distractions, end procrastination, and eliminate non-productive activities from your daily routine. Once you’ve done that, you will start to focus more on what matters most, your business, family, health, and mindset.

Time is your most valuable asset—learn to productively manage your Non-Refundable Minutes™ and your business will never look back. If you’re ready to attack your life with massive urgent action, apply today as there are very limited seats available.

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What Do You Get with the Non-Refundable Minutes™ Program?

Are you ready to scale your business but feel stuck? Having scaled a company to a $1 billion valuation, I know a thing or two about feeling stuck and making mistakes, but more so, persevering and holding myself accountable to achieve greatness beyond my wildest imagination. Make no mistake, YOU CAN TOO! Exposing yourself to this knowledge will give you the guidance needed to avoid the mistakes I made on my own journey to success.

Pinpoint all of your non-productive and time-consuming activities.

Identify replacement actions that promote business growth.

Begin to invest time and energy into your business, family, and other productive activities.

Review your current process and evolve your methodology until you’ve mastered it.

Reap the rewards and benefits of your hard work, celebrate your business and personal growth.

For those who seek continuous business growth, remember that owning a successful company is a never-ending cycle of reflection, modification, and adaptation. That’s where I thrive. If you’re ready to surround yourself with value and eliminate all distractions from your life with me as your mentor, together I can help you create a productive and value focused lifestyle for you that can last a lifetime!

What Kind of Mentorship Are You Interested In?

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Group Coaching

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What My Mentees Are Saying About The Program

“The experience has been beyond great with Bobby and his mentorship. Every time I meet with Bobby at the end I am left with so much information and things to execute on that will directly impact my business in a significant way. These meetings put me in an uncomfortable position which I love. Shows me there is so much more I can be doing and that I am nowhere where we can be. If anyone is serious about growing their business I highly recommend Bobby’s mentorship. To top it off, it is not your ordinary mentorship. You can tell Bobby is not doing this for the money but rather for the IMPACT that he is making. He is greatly helping me and by default my family and those in our company as well. As I have mentioned to Bobby before in the past, him truly caring and being genuine is what separates him from others. The energy and good vibes you get every meeting goes beyond what you are also learning. I have other mentors and have had in the past. One of the 2 most impactful mentors that have significantly helped me change my life in this short period of time has definitely been Bobby. Definitely looking forward to growing with Bobby’s guidance.”
-Current Client of Non-Refundable Minutes Mentorship Program

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    bobby castro

    Bobby Castro

    Meet Bobby, a self-made business mogul who embodies the successful transformation of entrepreneur to leader. Armed with only a ninth-grade education, Bobby has not only sold a company for $1 billion dollars on his terms, but throughout the years he has learned the valuable lesson of compounding an earned dollar into a $600 million-dollar multifamily real estate portfolio. 

    Bobby’s entrepreneurial journey has allowed him to be financially independent and provide generational wealth for his family. He’s had the honor of being recognized by Inc. 500/5000 List 13 times, ForbesFortune MagazineEntrepreneurHispanic 500Wallstreet JournalBloombergCNBC, and was even the recipient of the prestigious Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2012.

    So, if there’s one thing that Bobby knows, it’s that above all, the key to scaling a business is leadership. As a leader of a successful company for more than 18 years, Bobby instilled a positive mental attitude (PMA™) in his team by creating a workplace environment that inspired top-level performance and unheard-of revenue returns.