What Is the Urdu Word for Agreement

And just when we were at the end of our design process, there was the news that the Italian government and the U.S. government had signed an agreement to fly the first Italian astronaut on this flight. There was no agreement between theory and measurement. n. Concordance or correspondence of one word with another in terms of gender, number, case or person. The pact that exists between North and South is an alliance with death and an agreement with Hell. A “joint understanding” agreement on arms reduction is signed by the AMERICAN president. – Turkey and Russia sign joint observation centre agreement for Nagorno-Karabakh | Daily Sabah – Daily Sabah 5. n. the determination of grammatical inflection based on verbal relations The meanings of the agreement are اتحاد – ittehaad, ہم آہنگی – ham aahangi, عہد – aehd, قول – qaul, شرط – shart, اتفاق – ittefaaq, میل – mail, وعدہ – wadah, مطابقت – mutaabiqat, سمجڬڌ وتہ – samjhotah, معاہدہ – moaahedah, میل جول – meyl jol, موافقت – mowaafiqat, رضا مندی – raza mandi, ملاپ – milaap, قرینہ – qariinah, وفاق – wafaaq, پیمان – paemaan, راضی نامہ – raazi naamah, ربط ضبط – Rabt Zabt, مفاہمت – Mufaahmat, اقرار نامہ – eqraar naamah, رضامندی – Razamandi, ہامی – haami and ایکا – eyka Written: لکھا ہوا Likha Huwa: written in various ways.

“Miss, what is written here?” They had agreed that they would not get involved in each other`s affairs. There was no agreement between theory and measurement. – Intema Signs Strategic Partnership Agreement with HealthCentric AI – GlobeNewswire I am very pleased with my new agreement with Heat. This contract allows me to achieve all of my family`s long-term financial goals while giving the Heat the opportunity to acquire the players we need to win a championship. Synonyms of word agreement are league, koetern, promises, accompaniment, maxim, pact, coincidence, game, cohyponym, promise. Greement, in which a man loses her bachelor`s degree and a woman acquires her master`s degree. Dictionary: A place where success comes before work. Smile: A curve that can fix a lot of things. Doctor: A person who kills your diseases.

. Greement) for one hour. His wife said to him: What do you read there? Nothing! The husband answered. 3. n. the declaration (oral or written) of an exchange of promises Explanation: بیان Bayaan: a message that is given or explained; an oral or written communication setting out details or facts, etc. “According to his testimony, he was in London that day” Agrestic: characteristic of the fields or the land. – Saudi Arabian Oil Company and Shell & AMG Recycling B.V.

sign agreement to examine the feasibility of building a recycling “supercenter” in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – GlobeNewswire 6.n. Harmony of people`s opinions, actions or characters Compatibility: موافقت Mawaqfat: a sympathetic sense of understanding. n. the status of consent; harmony of opinion, statement, action or character; compliance; Harmony; Agreement. n. Language, oral or written, embodies mutual promises. Sincerity about the symbiosis group is a threat to the conflict, global commitment and commitment to the people`s peace and harmony agreement. .