What to Do When Verizon Fios Contract Expires

I`m also an apartment resident, and when cable service became available in my area, the building signed an exclusive contract with Time Warner. When the contract expired, the building also allowed Verizon FIOS. Other buildings in the area have done the same business. We decided that we would wait and see before we changed, and everyone was so unhappy that almost all of them came back. It`s going very well. The best deal was to stick to the internet and the phone, which reduces the bill a lot and gives me money for streaming. No contract (the contract was more expensive). The person on the phone was very nice. And he knew the extra cost of Comcast and download speed limits.

My 2-year contract expired over a year ago and Verizon added $30 to my bill yesterday. I paid $169 TTC for 100/100, phone and Ultimate TV with 3 boxes and now $200. Do most people do Autopay? That`s another $10 discount, but I`ve read that some have billing issues. Neither Verizon nor the cable companies care about your departure because they know you`ll be back a year or two later when your contract ends. Unfortunately, in most cases, if you want a triple-play deal, there are two options. The telephone company or cable company. You can get satellite TV, but you still need Verizon or cable for the internet. I have a better scam story.

I quit my triple play contract last year for 4 months and decided to come back because the phone service that gives me a cheaper service actually charged more. I went back to the triple play deal in January, but in the last six months I`ve paid TWO bills a month for about $50 more per month. I first complained in February and was told about 6 times that the issue would be resolved in two billing cycles. Now, I`ve received a notification that I`m going to launch a new service for $200 a month: more than double what I paid last year: no acknowledgment that Verizon owes me a refund. Changing my Verizon email address with my many contacts is a colossal pain, but such incompetence makes Comcast get better and better. How can all this competition between cable companies drive us up prices? It makes no sense. For everyone`s future reference, I have a friend who, if his cable/internet bill goes up too much, simply closes his account and signs up for a new account in his wife`s name, because new customer accounts usually get better deals. In a few years, when it takes back its name if necessary. Is there an advantage to waiting for the agreement to expire? Will Verizon be more likely to offer a higher discount if I`m a “free agent” and out of contract? Do you have any thoughts/experiences here? Thank you! In addition to the great suggestions mentioned above, it`s a good idea to have documentation in front of you about the features and pricing of FIOS and Comcast packages on the shelf.

But before you make the call, think about the trading chips that would work for you. What could they want them to add to a package, like faster speed, more storage space, extra channels, or whatever, in addition to a better price. The problem is that if you tell Verizon you can walk, they`re known not to move. So if you don`t have another provider like cable, they can say ok and let you go. You can change for 30 days and then get new customer prices. But it`s tedious. Never enter into a contract with Verizon. You need to be careful that even a call for information about the services led them to include you in a contract. Verizon also offers a Fios TV Test Drive option ($50 per month) that includes all the channels it offers for 60 days and recommends a plan that best suits the actual household audience. With the new TV plan configurations, Boulben said, “We are absolutely compliant with our contracts with programmers.” Verizon — which is feeling the pain of customer cancellations due to high pay-TV prices — is killing packages and contracts for its Fios line of TV, broadband and phone services.

“Customers don`t want to be forced into packages and contracts. They don`t want any surprises on their bill at the end of the month,” said Frank Boulben, senior vice president of consumer marketing and products at Verizon. My current two-year contract ended yesterday. For Gigabit Internet, personalized TV and phone service. For $74.98 per month before cable card, taxes and fees. ($91.80 after all that) This shows that I will keep the same price for the next twelve months until a $5 discount expires. Price increase to $79.98. Then it shows months 13 to 24 at this price. The rest of my discounts don`t show any expiration. But will FiOS increase the price of my plan? Or will I be included in the current plan at this price? And the only thing it shows is that they offer something similar to the favorite TV. And the price is $60 more. So I see no reason to change anything and pay more.

If they plan to charge me that price for a while. But I wonder if I`m actually included in this price and schedule with all the discounts without an expiration date? The $5 discount expires in December 2021. But the other $110 off I have are listed as non-expiring. I would wait to leave when I was under contract. There is still a fee for early termination. My wife and I connected our home for cable and FIOS. So I just say, turn it off on this date and they know I`m not kidding. I don`t have a contract.

I would never do that. I have been a Verizon FIOS customer for about 6 years and my contract has expired for some time. My question is that I tried to upgrade my services with a 2-year contract, and the price they offered me for the same existing services is $20 more? What`s that? The only reason I really want to upgrade is the new Gigabyte service and it`s even an extra $30 on top of the extra $20 for a 2-year contract. It`s screwed up. Comcast offers a better deal that would save me over $100, not as fast as the Gigabyte service, but at speeds of 200 Mbps compared to the 100 Mbps I get just for a lot less. What`s wrong with this image? Could someone give an overview of this issue? Otherwise, I plan to change as soon as possible as it`s **bleep**! I priced it and it was $60 more than I`m currently paying. Instead, it introduces “Mix & Match on Fios,” a new pricing plan under which pay TV, internet, and phone are sold as standalone products. For Verizon, it was the end of the “triple play” package that tied customers to long-term contracts in exchange for a price reduction. You`ll likely see the same thing when your contract with Comcast expires. Request termination of your existing Verizon FiOS agreement.

The agent will tell you whether or not you need to pay an early cancellation fee as well as any other outstanding balances on the account. Pay the applicable fees according to the agent`s instructions, if necessary. I have Xfinity (Comcast) rates in my hand, which are much lower than FiOS, although I prefer to stay with FiOS. Do you have any suggestions on things you should say when you call Verizon next week? In the past, customer representatives seemed ready to offer better deals over the phone, but 2 years ago the offer wasn`t so sweet. I have been a customer for a long time. I had just let my contract expire and my monthly rate went up without any changes to the service. I contacted via chat a representative who made changes to my air conditioner, she asked me to review and accept the order while she was online with me. Frankly, because she stayed online, I didn`t rate the station staff well. It was cheaper than my previous new plan and I accepted it. In retrospect, I discovered that I had lost a number of channels and Showtime. When I got back in touch and had items restored (still at least 1 desired channel) my bill was even higher than my old new rate.

I don`t regret making the change. I moan a little bit every month when the bill comes in. I haven`t had a problem with Autopay in recent years. But I only get $5 off Autopay. But it`s still more than 5% off my bill. The $5 Autopay discount is the one Verizon extended for another year. About a week before my contract expires. Now that the Autopay discount displays an expiration date of December 4, 2021. I still have an $80 discount for internet that shows no expiration. A $20 discount for phone service that shows no expiration.

And a $10 TV discount that shows no expiration. Of course, Verizon will arbitrarily change this at some point and add an expiration date. I just hope they will inform me in time before they expire. js21:>>Most people do Autopay? Not me. never, never. I control when, how much and to whom I give money from my accounts WHENEVER it is needed. I pay my Verizon bill online, but that`s as far as I go with automation…`-}}My exit from the contract is about the same period as yours and although there was an increase from $10 to $15 (I don`t remember exactly) about 4-6 months after not renewing my 2-year contract (triple play broadband, of the phone and television), is that the only increase I had until uh. December-ish 2020 when there was an increase from $8 to $10/month – I have 2 discounts with no expiration date. With these two increases, it`s still less than the $70 to $80/month increase I had cited, the 2-3 chats I made when I checked out a contract extension a little before my contract expired, so I`m still ahead of this game.. `-}} You may want to cancel your Verizon FiOS service contract for several reasons: for example.

Your plans to sign up for a competing service, or due to a move to a new location. .